What is “Virtual Office”? 甚麼是虛擬辦公室?

“Virtual Office” is a physical office also. “Virtual” is meaning entrepreneur and self-employed are always work at home and they need an office for meeting occasionally.


“Virtual Office” can easily solve the problems of insufficient funds, manpower and resource allocation for entrepreneurs and SMEs, as well as difficulty in independently renting offices. Virtual offices can invest less, but the office address is very convenient, collect mail and parcels, provide independent phone numbers, and have professional receptionists to answer the service. At the same time, it suits new entrepreneurs. They can print their office address on the card and feel more decent when they are distributed to customers. Therefore, they can enhance the company’s impression in the eyes of customers.


“Virtual Office” suitable for entrepreneurs who wish to establish a decent business image at a lower cost and risk, self-employed people who usually work at home and want to build a professional image, people who have sideline and need professional secretaries to answer and transfer telephone services, set up a stable contact telephone number for companies engaged in domestic and foreign trade or investment in order to communicate with customers.