Document Processing Services 文書處理服務

Paper works seems to be easy to deliver, but it often takes you a lot of time to process and deprive your time in attending high-value works. 文書工作看似輕鬆簡單,但往往卻耗掉你很多時間處理,剥奪你對高價值工作的專注!

Outsourcing the paper works is most ideal when it is at ad hoc basis and you don’t want to incur fixed cost at staffing for document processing jobs.  當文書處理只是偶然工作,而你又不想僱用文職人員從而增加固定員工成本開支,外判文書工作便是最佳的選擇。

Our document processing service provides you cost-effective, efficient and high quality paperwork output e.g. invoice, quotation, product list, letter, contract, agreement,……etc. Most of the outputs can be delivered within 1 working day and the cost could be as low as HK$50- per page. 我們的文書處理服務為您提供高經濟效益,高效率和高質量的文書工作,例如:發票,報價單,產品清單,信函,合同,協議……等。大部分產品可在1個工作日內交付,成本可低至每頁50港元。

For details about the service and price, please contact us at Tel.: 3975 9800, or email:
有關服務詳情及價格,歡迎致電 3975 9800 或電郵給我們